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The GPEA (introduced in 2000 as IAPQA) is the only formal international recognition of performance or business excellence. The program is administered by the APQO which is non-stock, non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella group that brings together all of the leading quality professional societies in Asia Pacific Region. In 2010, the name of this prestigious award was changed from IAPQA to GPEA to reflect the evolution in the field of quality from a focus on product and service quality to a strategic focus encompassing overall organizational performance termed performance/organizational/business excellence. The GPEA endeavors to bridge the cultural geographic and economic system gap of National Quality Awards (NQA).

GPEA is today a strategic enabling tool for global performance excellence. It helps to strengthen the strategies and performance of organizations both public, private and NGOs to succeed in the fast-evolving global market place and be future ready in this digital era. The GPEA process promotes and strengthen awareness in performance excellence as an increasingly important tool in competitiveness towards global business success and sustainability. Adopting best practices within a country or region are extremely important for raising organizational performance levels, the customer experience, and the standard of living. This results in improving each country's or regions economic and business activity and driving GDP performance.

APQO has continually recognized National Quality / Performance Excellence Awards as a significant component of enhancing productivity, innovation and strengthening business performance improvement strategy of many countries. The Baldrige and EFQM Criteria and its variaions customized to meet the needs of various economies is widely used criteria for National Quality Awards. The GPEA process, which includes an assessment by an international panel of experienced assessors, provides an excellent opportunity for winners of National Quality Awards to benchmark and better understand their opportunities for improvement and performance based on the Business Excellence Model.


The Chairman of the GPEA Governing Council is to be elected by the APQO Core Council and appointed for a two years term and this term should be eligible for renewable for an additional term of two years totaling a maximum of 4 years. After serving for four years, the Chairman could be considered for re-appointment by APQO Core Council as appropriate. This would allow for flexibility for succession planning and continuity.


I congratulate the all IAPQA / GPEA winners since 2000. Your achievements have inspired many businesses to transform for higher productivity and better growth. Our journey is steered by our " Commitment to Excellence " mindset.

I am indeed proud of the way GPEA has embedded this business excellence mind-set across those adopting the model to assess themselves to leverage on strengths and seizing opportunities while setting high performance standards and proven processes for world class standards. The path to growth and prosperity requires creativity, innovation and process excellence. APQO's GPEA provides a framework for organisations of any size and business to incorporate and embed proven core values or principles while adopting a holistic approach incorporating various TQM tools, innovation, technology and management systems standards on their business excellence journey.

The APQO constitution, rules and practices of excellence and governance are key pillars that have shaped its performance and contributions over the past three decades. It is in this regard, we have reviewed and restructured APQO and its programmes e.g. the GPEA, operations, enhance processes to strengthen governance, create value, and cost efficiency as we soar forward. APQO is now well positioned to work together and help its members unlock the tremendous value it possesses. GPEA is today the only global excellence award, a recognised best practice to promote and pursue excellence in everything we do. It provides a structured approach to achieving business excellence. It promotes sustainable growth through adoption of validated best practices. In short, GPEA is a robust framework for our members to assess themselves to meet their stakeholders' needs and diverse businesses towards acquiring world class standards.

Let us continue our journey together towards business excellence and social prosperity. We must continue to support the young and their capabilities to reach the top to achieve happiness and prosperity now and for future generations.

I wish you the best and a great future ahead. Thank you.

Harnek Singh


Comprise representatives mainly from APQO Core Council and member countries who actively participate in the GPEA initiative. The GPEA Governing Council (GC) sets and review standards and guide the adoption of proven practices and processes ensuring rigour and currency in the BE Models and adoption by organizations in countries across the world. It also provides an oversight to the assessment practices that match desired standards and value add to applicants from APQO member countries or other interested parties. The Governing Council appointed for two years term is supported by a GPEA Secretariat and experienced assessors and business excellence practitioners from GPEA winners and APQO Core Council member countries/ economies.

The GPEA Council will be governed by the following terms of reference:

1. To help enhance business/organizational excellence in APQO member countries enterprises through the GPEA various categories of awards.

2. To draw up all guidelines, policies and processes as per the successful administration of the APQO GPEA awards.

3. On an annual basis, revisit and or review existing processes for relevancy and set directions and initiatives to enhance the GPEA criteria, program and assessment methodology.

4. To review, endorse and approve GPEA winners recommendations made.

In summary, the Governing Council will be responsible for the overall policies and guidelines of the GPEA awards; evaluate all aspects of the awards program, including the adequacy of the business excellence criteria adopted, and approve the winners.


Assessors are important part of the GPEA Award process who commit their knowledge, skills, and time to assess GPEA applicants. They are predominantly experienced persons from across all sectors of the APQO member economies, including manufacturing, service, small business, health care, education, government, and non-profit. They make a major contribution to the APQO's vision, mission and efforts to recognize and promote performance/business excellence, and they benefit from the opportunity of networking and educational experience.

They have the unique opportunity to explore examples of best practices, innovation, planning strategies, and approaches to engage customers and the workforce, which builds their professional acumen. They will also harness an ability to read an organization, understand complex organizational issues and offer viable solutions.

They acquire know how and are well positioned to help in transfer of the learning to their own organization and country.

APQO GPEA Assessors are experienced Assessors recommended by APQO Core Council Members and with assessment experience in assessing National Quality Awards applicants in various countries. Amongst them are assessors from Global Excellence Models Council (GEMs) Members who actively provide support and guidance to ensure processes and standards adopted are validated practices of leading Business Excellence Models and existing practices amongst GEMs member countries. Assessors will operate as team and submit assessment findings to GPEA Secretariat for collation. The findings will be deliberated for decision by the GPEA Governing Council.

GPEA 2018 Assessors are from Canada (1), China (4), Fiji (5), India (6), Indonesia (3), Malaysia (3), Mexico (1), New Zealand (1), Philippines (3), Singapore (5) and Sri Lanka (3).


The GPEA Secretariat is a key function in the success of the GPEA process. The Secretariat should be supported by the GPEA Governing Council and managed by a APQO Core Council Member who has demonstrated experience in a business excellence award programme and is an experienced business excellence assessor and a representative of an APQO Core Council Member.

The GPEA Secretariat should also serve as Secretariat to the GPEA Governing Council. To ensure neutrality and independence in the governance of the GPEA, members of the Governing Council should not be involved in assessing or providing consultancy directly to the GPEA applicants being considered. In an event of conflict of interest, the Governing Council member is expected to declare a conflict of interest so that it is transparent and the affected member will be exempted from the decision making process.



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